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Sandy Lighterman

Miami-Dade County Film and Entertainment Commissioner

Sandy Lighterman is the Film and Entertainment Commissioner for Miami-Dade County. Under her purview is County’s Office of Film & Entertainment. Ms. Lighterman is responsible for the growth and development of the Billion Dollar film, television, music, digital media, commercial advertising and still photography industry in Miami-Dade County. She oversees office’s staff in providing location and logistic assistance, government liaison, municipalities’ liaison, production information and referral sources to the entertainment production industry. Ms. Lighterman is the Chief advocate for entertainment production for Miami-Dade County.

Ms. Lighterman serves as an advisor to the Miami Dade College School of Entertainment and Design Technology and is the Chairman of their Advisory Board. Ms. Lighterman serves on the Advisory Boards for Miami Media and Film Market, Miami Film Development Project, Florida International University School of Journalism and Filmgate. Additionally, Ms. Lighterman has been the Legislative lead for the State-wide non-profit organization, Film Florida and for Miami-Dade when dealing with Statewide policy that affects the film and entertainment industry in the County. And she also serves as a judges for various Film Festivals including for for the Miami Short Film festival and Miami International Film Festival Cinemaslam series. In 2015, she received the Advocacy award from the Miami Urban Music and Film Festival for her work supporting the industry.

Sandy Lighterman joined the Miami-Dade County Office of Film & Entertainment in 2008, enjoying a successful 25+ year career as a film and Television producer. Ms. Lighterman brings a wealth of industry experience to her position from producing 200+ music videos and TV commercials, as well as, television series and independent films. In 2007, she retired from her production career in order to stay closer to home and her children. Ms. Lighterman holds a bachelor's degree in Mass communications from the University of Miami.