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Catherine Bates

Head of Incentives, New Zealand Film Commission

Catherine heads up the New Zealand Incentives Team. She manages the New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG), with a particular focus on the 5% Uplift, an additional grant that international productions who qualify for the 20% NZSPG and offer significant economic benefits to New Zealand may apply to receive. She is the NZFC's first point of contact for New Zealand government agencies in relation to the 5% Uplift and works closely with international productions and New Zealand government partners to deliver strong outcomes for all.
Catherine began her career at Tourism New Zealand and whilst there was involved with the development of the New Zealand destination brand and global 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. Highlights of her career include development of the New Zealand Story and leadership of the NZ Inc Hobbit leverage programme, in particular the NZ Inc relationship with Wingnut Films and Warner Bros Los Angeles. Most recently Catherine lead the delivery of the New Zealand Opening Ceremony for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.