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Carmen Díaz

US Director of the Gran Canaria Film Commission - Gran Canaria Islands Government

She has been the representative of the Gran Canaria Film Comission from 2011, first in Madrid (Spain) and since 2014 in the USA. She choose to be based in Los Angeles, from where she promotes and act as location manager for the industry. She has worked with dozens of films including major and smaller studios, some examples of films she has asssisted include Wild Oats, Fast & Furious 6 and Grand Piano among others. She is also a private personality and has worked as the manager director & production for TEATRO ARLEQUIN Birocos  and Amargo company in Spain.

She graduated in Translation and Interpretation by Las Palmas University, being fluent in English, French, Italiand and Spanish. She also obtained two masters degree in TV Executive Producer and Marketing Manager in Madrid.