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Bas van der Ree

Netherlands Film Commissioner


Bas started in the film industry as a production assistant back in 1990, unpaid. Stepping into production as production manager for feature films during the 90’s was a natural step. In 1996 he was location supervisor and line producer for the shoot of Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? in the Netherlands. After that he rocketed in location scouting on the increasing success of the City of Rotterdam becoming a film city. Location scouting, managing and line producing became his work field for feature films, commercials and TV series. During this period many international productions, amongst them many American, were his clients whom contracted him for his professional knowledge of film locations and production within the budgeting process. Specializing on finding locations on his bicycle and making them work for the excessively creative and productional requirements, he came to work with many Film Commissions from all over the world. Starting producing in 2005, American producers became his target and worked on developing interesting stories.  During this period Bas learned the important and invisible role a Film Commission could mean for a Director’s wishes. During the last 3 years as Netherlands Film Commission he combines all former elements TO MAKE FILM HAPPEN