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2017 Exhibitor Service Kit

2017 Exhibitor Kit


On this page you will find information on the following:

AFCI Locations Show Contacts

Show Venue, Dates and Hours

Show Policies

Exhibitor Information (Booths, Exhibitor Badges, Suitcasing, etc.)

Information and links for the Marriott Burbank

Information, contacts, downloads and links for Freeman Decorating

Information and links for Brite Ideas Technical Solutions

Requirement information and downloads for Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors

Requirement information, downloads and links for Exhibitor Insurance

Information and links for ATS Lead Retrieval

Information and downloads for Edlen Electric

Information and downloads for Internet Service at the BurbankMarriott

Information downloads for Jackson Shrub Supply

Other Information and Exhibitor Guidelines

An overview of important Pre-Show Dates to remember

AFCI Contacts

Melanie Field Finance & Operations Manager +1-323-461-2324 x3
Evan Grey Producer / Logistics Manager +1-323-461-2324 x14
Luann Alesio Sponsorship Sales Manager +1-323-461-2324 x5
Jerry Day Director of Content +1-323-461-2324 x12

Show Venue

Marriott Burbank
2500 No. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA  91505

Show Dates and Hours

Thursday, April 6 12pm - 5.30pm
Friday, April 7 11am - 5.30pm
Saturday, April 8 11am - 4pm
Exhibitor Move-in:  Thursday, April 6 7am - 11am
Exhibitor Move-out:  Saturday, April 8 4.15pm - 7pm

Show Policies

2017 Booth Pricing Policy
2017 Booth Payment and Cancellation Policy
2017 Booth Sharing Policy
2017 Suitcasing Policy
** It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to be familiar with these policies.



2017 exhibit booths are 8' (2.4m) deep and 10' (3.05m) wide and will be set with 8' (2.4m) high hard wall in the back.  Custom graphics to be installed on the back walls are included (FREE) for ALL booths in 2017 (see technical specs below).

Booths will NOT have sidewalls in 2017.

Booths are placed in both Premium and Standard booth areas.  Premium booths are located in areas that are expected (though not guaranteed) to draw a larger amount of foot traffic than Standard booths.

New in 2017, the AFCI is offering two booth packages:  the Classic Booth Package and the Gold Booth Package.

Classic Booth Package inclusions:   Gold Booth Package inclusions:
  • 8' x 10' backwall w custom overlay graphics
  • 8' x 10' backwall w custom overlay graphics
  • Bistro Table
  • 2 Allegro (sofa) chairs
  • 3 Tall Barstools
  • 2 Vinyl Cubes
  • Literature Rack
  • MRE Counter w overlay grapics
  • Power Drop
  • 40" monitor
  • WiFi
  • Literature Rack
  • 200# Materials Handling
  • Power Drop
  • WiFi
  • 200# Materials Handling

!! IMPORTANT !!  Back Wall Graphics

  • Back wall graphics are REQUIRED of all exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors should forward their finished graphics (vector or .ai files) to Stephanie Porter no later than March 3rd, 2017.
    • Freeman has offered to assist any exhibitor with the design of their graphics at an additional cost.  Please contact Stephanie Porter at Freeman ( for more information.
  • The exact measurement of the back wall is 116.5" x 92.5" - the graphic will be printed and installed as one large piece.

Because all exhibitors will have custom booth graphics, additional signage / pop-ups are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

** Booth Sharing

Only the film commission / company / business entity which purchased a booth may exhibit in that booth.  In some case additional commissions / companies / entities may share the booth for an additional fee (please see 2017 Booth Sharing Policy for more information).

** Final Booth Payments

Final payments for all booths and booth shares are due to the AFCI no later than March 4th, 2017.  Credit card payments may be made at  Other payment options include check, credit card or wire transfer.  A signed, completed Purchase Order will not be adequate for holding a booth reservation after this date. 

** Exhibitor Badges

Each exhibiting booth may receive up to five (5) exhibitor badges; up to five (5) additional badges may be purchased for $100 each.  Payment for additional badges must be completed prior to picking up the badge(s).

** Booth Personnel Registration

Once you have determined your booth personnel, please email the names and email addresses for each staff member to Melanie Field.  Each person will receive a confirmation email containing a bar code; this bar code can be used to check in quickly at the show, avoiding long waits.

** On-Site Badge Pick-Up

Exhibitors may pick-up their badges at the Marriott Burbank during exhibitor set-up and show hours.  You must pick up your badge prior to entering the show booth areas.

** Suitcasing

IMPORTANT:  Any person / film commission / company / business entity who wishes to solicit business while at the AFCI Locations Show MUST do so as an exhibitor (i.e. purchase a booth).  Soliciting business as an attendee is a serious infraction of the AFCI 2017 Suitcasing Policy and may result in being asked to leave the Show area and / or being banned from any AFCI events (please see 2017 Suitcasing Policy for more information).


Booth Sales Are Now Open

Register to Exhibit


** Sleeping Rooms

Rooms are available within the AFCI block for the special rate of $215.00 per night until March 6th, 2016.  Contact to reserve a room. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The AFCI does not and will not contract with any “booking agents” who reserve hotel rooms on exhibitor’s behalf.  We encourage all exhibitors and attendees to contact the Marriott Burbank through the above link ONLY to make their reservations.  If you are contacted by any outside company claiming to represent the AFCI or the Marriott Burbank, please disregard.

** Parking

Parking is available at the Marriott Burbank $23 per day (self-park) or $29 per day (valet).

** Small Package Receiving / Storing / Delivery Direct to the Marriott Burbank

If you must receive a shipment through a carrier such as Federal Express, UPS, messenger service, etc., these can be sent to you at the hotel directly.  The Marriott Burbank may charge a handling fee per package to accept your package. 

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport
2500 No. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA  90515

** Food and Beverage

Exhibitors may hand out small samples of food or beverage to attendees from their booth during show hours.  The AFCI and Marriott Burbank MUST approve a description of what will be handed out prior to the Show.  Due to complex health department regulations, some samples may not be allowed.  Alcohol samples or service are not allowed. 

** Security

All exhibitors and sponsor personnel are required to wear their badge at all times during show hours while in the AFCI Locations Show for security purposes.  Security will be present at entrances and exits to the exhibit area and in additional function areas during show hours.  The exhibit area will be staffed by security overnight.

** Take care of your valuables

We encourage you to take care of your valuables when not at your booth. Security will be present at the show, but that doesn’t mean you should leave items such as cell phones, handbags and computers in plain view if you leave your booth.



** Custom Furniture, Displays, Labor and Graphics

Exhibitors may order custom items such as additional graphic display panels, additional furniture, displays, etc., for their booths through Freeman.  Payment for these items is conducted solely between the Exhibitor and Freeman (not the AFCI), 

The 2017 Freeman Order Form is available HERE.

** Display Information

Requests for high sides, large items or other special displays must be submitted to AFCI staff at least 30 days in advance of the event in writing for approval.  No display may be seen by or obstruct the exhibit of other exhibitors at either the rear or side; total height of exhibits, including decorations, may not exceed 8’ (2.4m).  

Installation of large exhibits other than by Freeman must request and receive approval from AFCI staff at least 30 days prior to the event using the provided EAC form to confirm insurance and contractor personnel requirements are met, and to allow for any necessary scheduling and approval.  Any additional labor or overtime is the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Exhibitors must use only fire retardant materials and abide by the trade laws outlined by the State of California and the City of Burbank.  Complete the 2017 Exhibitor Appointed Contractor registration form.

Some booths may be combined into linear rows.  Please contact Evan Grey for more information.

Download display Fire Marshal regulations HERE.

** Shipping (Domestic and International) / Materials Handling

All items should be shipped in advance to the Freeman Warehouse to qualify for pre-show freight pricing. Please make sure all cartons, packages, etc., are clearly marked with the event name, “AFCI Locations Show 2016”, include your film office / company name and booth number and marked with piece count (i.e. 1 of 2). 

Shipments arriving between March 18th and April 15th receive an advance-shipping discount. 

Shipments arriving on April 18th, 19th, or 20th will be assessed an additional "after deadline" handling charge.

Freeman Warehouse Shipping Address
AFCI Locations Show 2016
c/o Freeman Decorating Warehouse
900 E. Santa Ana Street
Anaheim, CA  92805
The Freeman warehouse can be reached at +1-714-254-3410 between 8am and 3:30pm PST on weekdays.
Shipments Directly to Show Site -- April 6, 7, and 8 
AFCI Locations Show 2016
Freeman Decorating
c/o Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport
2500 No. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA  90515

Please retain all tracking numbers, piece counts, carrier names, Bills of Lading, shipment dates, etc., for all packages until you have received the shipment into your possession.

IMPORTANT:  The AFCI, or any of its staff members, CANNOT provide any information to exhibitors to be used to process customs.  This includes the AFCI’s FEIN #, phone numbers, job titles, credit card information, etc.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH EXHIBITOR TO ENSURE THEIR SHIPMENTS CLEAR CUSTOMS.  International exhibitors may contact Freeman Decorating Customs Department for assistance with shipping and customs clearance.

Download the Shipping Instructions one-pager HERE.

For your convenience, shipping labels may be found within the Freeman Exhibitor Kit.

** Hand-Carry Freight

For those exhibitors bringing items or materials for their booths from their car, there will be services available to assist you. Exhibitors are allowed to make one trip with one armload of freight into the hotel. As part of your exhibit space fee, Locations 2015 will provide for the first 200 pounds of material handling charges. Freeman will have cart services for exhibitor assistance for these first 200 pounds from your car in the Marriott Burbank parking area, to your exhibit space. Any weight over 200 pounds will be the responsibility of the exhibitor and will be billed accordingly.  Freeman will have Teamsters along with flat carts to help assist exhibitors going from the parking area.

(In other words, as part of our contract with the Freeman, you may only carry one armload of materials from your car to your booth.  You MUST use the available freight assistance for all other materials.)

** Freeman ID Sign

Freeman will provide each exhibitor one identification sign at no charge if requested. This sign will contain text only – no logos, graphics or unique fonts.  If you do not need your ID sign, please notify Freeman.

** Freeman Service Desk

The Freeman Service desk, along with other service provider desks, will be open during set-up and tear-down for pre-ordered items and returns, and additional on-site needs.


** Audio/Visual Rentals

Brite Ideas Technical Solutions is the exclusive provider of all audio/visual and computer rental needs for the 2017 Locations Show.  Plasma TVs, DVD players, monitors and laptops are available for rent at greatly reduced rates through Brite Ideas A/V Rentals.  Please complete the Brite Ideas Order Form.



All outside contractors (design houses, production companies, technicians, etc.…) hired by an exhibitor other than the designated official vendors of the AFCI that provides an exhibit-related service are considered exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs).  EACs have very specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order for the EAC to gain access to the show floor and their client’s booth(s).  EACs MUST provide insurance, at the same level as described above, to the AFCI before being allowed access to their client’s booth(s).  In addition, all personnel onsite with an EAC MUST receive an exhibitor badge before beginning any work on the booth(s); these exhibitor badges will count toward the total allowed for the exhibitor.

Please see Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Information to ensure access is not denied.


** Insurance for Exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

The Marriott Burbank and the AFCI require you to have proper insurance for your booth that meets specific limits.  Each Exhibitor and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor must provide proof of insurance from an insurance company in good standing.  The coverage must:

  • Be in force during the lease dates of the Show:  Apriil 6th thru 8th, 2017
  • Include policy limits of $1,000,000 for Bodily Injury or Property Damage, combined single limit, per occurrence and $2,000,000 in all
  • AFCI, its officers and employees, Marriott Burbank, its officers and employees are all to be named additional insureds

A one-pager listing these insurance requirements can be downloaded HERE.

Insurance may either be obtained through your company’s existing insurance carrier or an independent broker.

Proof of coverage, or alternative coverage, which satisfies these minimums, must be provided to the AFCI no later than March 4th, 2017.  Please forward your certificate to Melanie Field at

Exhibitors will not be allowed to move-in / exhibit without proper insurance coverage in place.

Optional:  Purchase insurance for Locations Show for only $79:

AFCI has made arrangements for its exhibitors to purchase coverage that satisfies these requirements at a significant savings as part of a group through for only $79 plus tax.  This insurance option is available to both US and international exhibitors.  Complete the RainProtection Order Form to secure coverage.


** Lead Retrieval

American Tradeshow Services (ATS) will be offering hand-held Lead Retrieval units for rent.  They will also be on-site to offer training and technical support to exhibitors.   Pre-order your unit before March 4th and receive a discounted rate.  Complete the ATS Order Form to reserve your unit.


** Power

Each booth will receive one (1) 500 watt electrical outlet which is sufficient for plugging in laptops, cell phone chargers, and one television or monitor.  You might consider bringing a power strip for multiple items.  Edlen Electric is the exclusive provider of electrical services within the facility. This includes all exhibit areas, meeting rooms and all other interior and exterior spaces on Marriott property. All requirements for power services and labor to install, connect, repair equipment or distribute power are to be completed by Edlen personnel.  Additional utilities can be reserved by completing the Edlen Order Form.


** Internet Service

The AFCI has purchased WiFi access for all our exhibitors and attendees throughout the entire show level.    Please note that the service provided may not be lightning fast:  please do not attempt to stream large amounts of video or transfer a lot of data.  Routers are not allowed on this serviceRental of hardwire service is available through the Marriott Burbank but must be ordered in advance.  See the Marriott Burbank Order Form to order service.


** Jackson Shrub Supply

Jackson Shrub Suppoy is the official provider of plant rentals and flowers for the show.  Contact Ryan at or by calling +1.818.982.0100 for availability and pricing.


** Listing in Event Program

All those who reserve a booth and their offiicial booth share partners will be listed in the Location Show Event Handout.  Your listing will be based on information provided in your exhibitor profile created at the time of booth reservation.  It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to make sure his or her information has been entered and is up to date.   You may update your profile through the login information you created on eTouches when you purchased your booth.

** Booth Promotion

We strongly encourage you to minimize the number of promotional materials and items you are sharing at your booth.  The event is designed to encourage more interaction between exhibitors and attendees and we hope that you take advantage of the networking opportunities provided.  AFCI members may promote ONLY their respective jurisdictions and film office services, and may distribute promotional materials for their jurisdiction and offices ONLY.  These activities do not include the selling, licensing, distribution or promotion of publications, studios or production services of persons or companies outside of the film commission office. Violation of these guidelines will result in forfeiture of your booth and removal of the exhibit.  In such an event, the AFCI, its Board of Directors and staff shall bear no responsibility to Exhibitor for any rebate of costs or payment, or for any further claims of lost profit.

** Literature, Samples and Souvenirs

Exhibitors must confine its exhibit activities to their assigned booth space and may not conduct any activities in the aisles or in the booths of others.  This includes distribution of literature, samples or other articles.

** Resolution of Disputes Among Exhibitors

If a dispute or disagreement arises between exhibitors concerning the allotment of permitted use of exhibition space or concerning interpretation of any of the rules or regulations set forth herein or in the Exhibitor Kit, such dispute will be referred to the Management for review and interpretation, and Exhibitor will abide by said interpretation, which, if requested, will be in writing. If there is a dispute or disagreement between two or more exhibitors, Management’s determination and interpretation of the rules and regulations governing the Exhibition will be binding for all Exhibitors involved. Management will have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all rules and regulations, and any such amendments when made and brought to the notice of the Exhibitor will become part of this Contract as though duly incorporated herein.

** Additional Exhibitor Guidelines

  • Participants may not hand out unauthorized publications, unless AFCI Management has approved the publication.  Distribution of exhibitor promotional materials is limited to the exhibit space and is not permitted in any public area of the Marriott Burbank.
  • Fire regulations apply to all exhibitors / sponsors; the Marriott Burbank is a non-smoking facility.
  • Exhibitors can conduct prize drawings or raffles but these must be confined to the exhibit space.  AFCI cannot make announcements for any exhibitor during or after the show.
  • Exhibitors may use music or videos at their booth but these must be kept at a reasonable level so as not to disrupt other exhibitors.
  • Stickers may not be sold or distributed.
  • No one under the age 18 will be admitted.
  • No pets will be admitted.


Freeman Early Bird Discount Ends March 3rd, 2017 Freeman ONLINE
Final Booth Payment Due to the AFCI March 6th, 2017
EAC Registration Form Due March 6th, 2017 EAC Registration Form
ATS Lead Retrieval Orders Due March 6th, 2017 ATS Order Form
Exhibitor Insurance Proof Due March 6th, 2017 RainProtection Order Form
Marriott Burbank Sleeping Room Block Closes March 6th, 2017
Edlen Electric Order Due March 23rd, 2017 Edlen Electric Order Form
Booth Personnel Submissions Due March 30th, 2017
Freeman Shipping Deadline March 30th, 2017 Freeman ONLINE
Brite Ideas Technical Solutions (A/V Rentals) no deadline Brite Ideas Order Form
Jackson Shrub Supply no deadline